Passionate about music from a young age, it was in 2016 that MC DY was spotted by DJ AXX who makes him his MC. Speaker, MC, performer and singer MC DY at began in 2016 to open for many artists.

Whether they are Portuguese (C4 Pedro, Anselmo Ralph, Nelson Freitas ...) French (Niska, Booba, Kaaris, Lartiste, Dadju ...) or even Internationals (Sean Paul, Nicky Jam, Kevinho), MC DY has nearly 80 artist's first parts (mostly in nightclub) but also a Zenith in June 2018 as the opening act for Nicky Jam, and an Olympia in May 2019 in the first part of Calema.

During the summer of 2017 and 2019 MC DY crossed Portugal from North to South for a Exceptional tour in which he was able to perform in the biggest clubs in the country. In 2019 MC DY joins forces with El Conductor (singer and producer of Buraka Som Sistema) with whom he is friends to start as a singer artist.

Together they try to build a musical project around MC DY which corresponds to what the latter plans to do as a singer.

The same year MC DY released two singles in quick succession, one in March with DJ MYK and RealOrBeatz titled "Não Dá", followed by "Dinero" (over 15,000 Stream) released in June produced by DJ Wiils (Producer of "Sale Mood" by Booba and Bramsito and Moulaga by Jul and Heuss L’enfoiré).

At the beginning of 2020 MC DY joint forces with the Portuguese beatmaker FRXH (producer of many hits Portuguese) under the advice of El Conductor so that all 3 can put in places a long-term project which should lead to the creation of several single and a EP for MC DY.

This is with "Bundão" released in June (over 30,000 Streams) and “Mocinha” released in July as their collaboration begins.

Late summer 2020, after being asked by fans to create a French version of "Mocinha" MC DY decides to look into the project and this is where he thinks of propose it to Willy Denzey.

2021, MC DY arrives with "Mocinha (Remix)" featuring with Willy Denzey, this follows has this last "Tas A Ver" new sound in which MC DY returns to the source. MC DY's first EP mixing Brazilian and afro tones is in preparation and should see the light of day this year with many surprises inside and all orchestrated by El Conductor and FRXH and this for the pleasure of MC DY fans.

MC Info

Name : Dylan Dias Martinho

Artistic Name : MC DY

Location : Paris/France

MC since : 2016

Category : MC, Speaker and Performer

Genre Music : Afro | Hip-Hop | Kuduro | Kizomba | Funk | House | Reggaeton

Clubs : Vilamoura Club (Paris), Palace Du Lys (Paris), Glassy(Paris), Roméo (Paris), Libertos (Albufeira), Pacha Ofir (Exposende), Eleven (Monção), BB Club (Chaves), Ice Club (Viseu), Praça Da Música (Fafe) Azenha Club (Arcos de Valdevez), Swing Crash (P. De Lanhoso), Palace Kiay (Pombal)




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